Thursday, November 12, 2009

hi! I'm here! and exciting news!

oh hi everyone. Yes, I'm still here...

I guess I've been having the post-wedding syndrome. I don't want to do anything related to the wedding. BLAH. I just finished Thank You 2 months after the wedding too late? Well, they're done.

But really exciting news is that my photographer, Melissa Koehler, just called and told me that a few people have been contacting her about our wedding!

Our wedding will be published in a Spring/Summer issue of a well-known Bridal Magazine AND on a popular wedding blog! And, the Catamaran, our venue, has asked to use our photos for marketing purposes as well. I'll make sure to let you know when all of these things happen :)

how friggin exciting! Melissa's hard work has paid off, as well as all the work I put into this wedding.

Now, I kinda feel re-energized. Maybe I'll look through all 700+ photos and pick some for our album.


  1. Sooo coool!!!!
    Congrats! Your wedding was beautiful and should be shared with everyone <333

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