Monday, November 30, 2009


I am sorry for the lag in postings.

Life has been busy...Chris and I took quick trips to Las Vegas and San Francisco.

The movers came and left. Chris left for Missouri in October. I moved into my friend's apartment. We spent Thanksgiving in Virginia with his side of the family. I move to Missouri next week..Chris says its miserable..but I'd rather be miserable with him than be without him (I say this now...)

I got the flu for a few days, found out I was pregnant, lost one of the babies and had to have surgery to remove one my tubes...This all happened right when Chris left for Missouri.

..but in the end, I am pregnant. One healthy baby in the uterus, with one healthy heartbeat. I am going to stop right here and ask you to join me on my (new) blog: Precious Soul.

Chris and I have been on the journey to have a family for a long time. This was our second cycle with fertility that we got pregnant with. I don't want to be mum about the whole process, so I am opening up to anyone and everyone...all the heartaches, the needles, the hopes, the fears, and the miracle...

other great news? We're moving BACK to San Diego in the spring.


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  1. Hi sweetie! I thought you had left the blogging world and came on to see if you had posted something for the new year... I cna't believe everything that happened and will be praying for you and Chris and you growing family. I have nothing but love for you and am amazed by your love, positivity and strength. Hope to meet you one day in person. xoxo!