Sunday, October 11, 2009

rehearsal dinner

We had our rehearsal dinner at Phil's BBQ in Point Loma. We LOVE the food there and they were so great and easy to work with. We got out own private banquet room and ordered ribs for all! Of course I had to add my touch to the dinner by making favors with left over milk jars, decorating the plastic bibs with Beatles song lyrics, and making centerpieces (thanks Ina for helping!).

I think everyone loved the food (even the Korean folks!). We had about 41 people in all, including family, bridal party and significant others, and a few special guests from Japan. Chris and I made speeches geared toward our family and bridal party and we gave out gifts and lots of hugs.


  1. loved the food (that mac salad...oh man.) and ur speeches were great!

  2. So happy for the new couple! Your wedding is so cute and happy because I saw your big and happy smile. Mostly, many of the men wears the casual button down, so I guess the wedding party is semi formal attire.