Thursday, January 21, 2010


here it is! our spread in Southern California Brides Magazine.


Monday, November 30, 2009


I am sorry for the lag in postings.

Life has been busy...Chris and I took quick trips to Las Vegas and San Francisco.

The movers came and left. Chris left for Missouri in October. I moved into my friend's apartment. We spent Thanksgiving in Virginia with his side of the family. I move to Missouri next week..Chris says its miserable..but I'd rather be miserable with him than be without him (I say this now...)

I got the flu for a few days, found out I was pregnant, lost one of the babies and had to have surgery to remove one my tubes...This all happened right when Chris left for Missouri.

..but in the end, I am pregnant. One healthy baby in the uterus, with one healthy heartbeat. I am going to stop right here and ask you to join me on my (new) blog: Precious Soul.

Chris and I have been on the journey to have a family for a long time. This was our second cycle with fertility that we got pregnant with. I don't want to be mum about the whole process, so I am opening up to anyone and everyone...all the heartaches, the needles, the hopes, the fears, and the miracle...

other great news? We're moving BACK to San Diego in the spring.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

hi! I'm here! and exciting news!

oh hi everyone. Yes, I'm still here...

I guess I've been having the post-wedding syndrome. I don't want to do anything related to the wedding. BLAH. I just finished Thank You 2 months after the wedding too late? Well, they're done.

But really exciting news is that my photographer, Melissa Koehler, just called and told me that a few people have been contacting her about our wedding!

Our wedding will be published in a Spring/Summer issue of a well-known Bridal Magazine AND on a popular wedding blog! And, the Catamaran, our venue, has asked to use our photos for marketing purposes as well. I'll make sure to let you know when all of these things happen :)

how friggin exciting! Melissa's hard work has paid off, as well as all the work I put into this wedding.

Now, I kinda feel re-energized. Maybe I'll look through all 700+ photos and pick some for our album.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

rehearsal dinner

We had our rehearsal dinner at Phil's BBQ in Point Loma. We LOVE the food there and they were so great and easy to work with. We got out own private banquet room and ordered ribs for all! Of course I had to add my touch to the dinner by making favors with left over milk jars, decorating the plastic bibs with Beatles song lyrics, and making centerpieces (thanks Ina for helping!).

I think everyone loved the food (even the Korean folks!). We had about 41 people in all, including family, bridal party and significant others, and a few special guests from Japan. Chris and I made speeches geared toward our family and bridal party and we gave out gifts and lots of hugs.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

the girls

My girls looks gorgeous on the big day. I simply loved their hair that Nicole Deann styled and I loved the bright yellow of their Tory Burch dresses. Each one of the girls made my day so special in their own way.

Thank you, Adrienne, Susan, Christina, & Ina.